Know your gemstone by birth month:

Are you confused about your birthstone that which will be beneficial to wear? This article is definitely going to help you in finding the lucky and suitable birthstone for you.

You can have your own gemstone with the help of knowing the month you are born. The astrological gemstones are connected with the universe and planets that convert the positive and negative energies according to the position of planets in your birth chart.

You have also seen that people do not hesitate to wear astrological gemstones as jewelry and accessories. The astrological gemstones are elegant and bring fortune to the wearer.

No more confusion will be scrambling your mind once you go through the Birth Month & Gemstone for the astrological benefits.

Why should we wear Birthstone?

The list is never ending because wearing your birthstone has infinitive advantages. If we follow the Indian astrology, it is believed that the birthstone have power to block the negativity and convert it into positive energy. You will be surrounded in a positive environment where these positive energies are directly connected to your planets. You will be released from mental stress, physical mishap and other life’s problems. Each and every birthstone works distinctively.

Birth Month - Birthstone

January            Garnet

February          Amethyst

March              Bloodstone, Aquamarine

April                 Diamond

May                 Emerald

June                 Moonstone, Alexandrite, Pearl

Jul                     Ruby

August             Spinel, Peridot

September      Sapphire

October           Tourmaline, Opal

November       Citrine, Topaz

December         Tanzanite, Turquoise, Zircon

Astrological Benefits of Birthstone & gemstone:

Garnet Birthstone: (January)

  • Garnet birthstone brings good omen, balance and passion to the wearer. To have a blissful relationship Garnet Birthstone is greatest.
  • Garnet gemstone is known as a blood detoxifier due to its connectivity with the Root Chakra.
  • It gives you a healthy heart and also circulates the blood in your body.
  • If you are a politician, surgeon or entrepreneur then you are highly recommended to wear Garnet stone.
  • Garnet birthstone protects the wearer from poison & depression. Also treats lung, spleen and spine related diseases.

Amethyst Birthstone: (February)

  • Amethyst birthstone represents Crown Chakra & Third Eye Chakra of devotional body.
  • It has immense power to convert the energies to protect the wearer from any psychic attack.
  • In astrology, it is also known as a lover gemstone because it signifies the trust & unconditional love.
  • Amethyst birthstone cures insomnia, headache, sorrow and pleasant sleep.

Bloodstone Birthstone: (March)

  • Bloodstone purifies the blood and also favourable in the treatment of HIV/Aids.
  • This gemstone is helpful in all the blood related diseases such as blood cancer, leukemia and so many.
  • It gives signal to the wearer of bloodstone gem so he/she can avoid the harmful situations.
  • This birthstone promotes creativity and intensifies the intuition.

Aquamarine Birthstone: (March)

  • Aquamarine birthstone releases emotional stress and depression.
  • It brings calmness and kindness which is thoughtful in aggression and conflict.
  • The wearer of Aquamarine birthstone will speak with the honesty due to its positivity.

Diamond Birthstone: (April)

  • Yes, Diamond is the birthstone of April month which is known as “King of all the Birthstones”.
  • Never wear a cracked or defective Diamond birthstone or else you will be struggled by negative impacts of it.
  • Individual will be living a luxurious lifestyle, a life full with romance, money and beauty.

Emerald Birthstone: (May)

  • Emerald birthstone is beneficial to enhance your creativity, wisdom and intellectuality.
  • It also helps the wearer in his/her financial status.
  • If you want to upgrade your communication skills then Emerald gemstone is your mentor.
  • With the help of Emerald birthstone one can have a great marriage & love life.

Moonstone Birthstone: (June)

  • Great for the women who are pregnant as it relieves the pain during giving birth to a child.
  • Women who face menstrual misbalance, they are also advised to wear Moonstone birthstone.
  • Moonstone gem maintains the hormonal changes.
  • Keep this birthstone along with you during the travel because it protects you from accidents.

Alexandrite Birthstone: (June)

  • Alexandrite birthstone is recognized by the “Anniversary stone of 55 years of marriage”.
  • It has distinctive health benefits to treat spleen, pancreas and leukemia.
  • Also valuable in curing blood related diseases.
  • Alexandrite birthstone clarifies the purpose and goals of your life which you dream to achieve.

Pearl Birthstone: (June)

  • People who are passive aggressive and easily get hyper are suggested to wear Pearl birthstone.
  • This gemstone is beneficial in dysentery, eye sight problems and throat related problems.
  • As per Vedic astrology, the wearer of Pearl birthstone gets wealth, fame, comforts and reputation in the society.
  • It helps in sleeping disorder by soothing your mind, throwing way the mental stress.

Ruby Birthstone: (July)

  • The most elegant Ruby gemstone is the Birthstone of July Month. This stone assists the leadership qualities to the wearer.
  • The powerful birthstone Ruby fortifies your personality & confidence.
  • You will not face the depression anymore as it strengthens the peace of mind.
  • People who wear Ruby birthstone get a luxurious and comfortable life which they wish to live.

Spinel Birthstone: (August)

  • If you are undergoing a financial crisis and any kind of money loss in your work or business then start wearing Spinel birthstone.
  • The positive energies of Spinel Birthstone give you courage to face difficult situations.
  • It will make you an independent person to overcome the problems without depending on others.
  • The wearer of Spinel gemstone does not struggle excessive tension, anxiety and mental heat in his/her life.
  • If you want a determination and a concentrated mind to get a successful career and life then this birthstone is only for you.

 Peridot Birthstone: (August)

  • Peridot birthstone provides prosperity and happiness who wears this gemstone.
  • The soothing effects of Peridot birthstone make the person calm and fresh all the time.
  • People who are facing Sinus & Asthma should wear this gemstone.
  • The healing properties of Peridot are favourable for the functioning of liver, stomach and other body parts.
  • It revitalizes the understanding and values in between your partner, family and friend.

Sapphire Birthstone: (September)

  • Sapphire birthstone attracts the good fortune and luck in the lives of wearer.
  • It is believed that Sapphire gemstone brings wisdom and intellectuality whosoever wears it.
  • The advantages of wearing this birthstone are so many because it showers wealth and prosperity.
  • Sapphire birthstone has other health benefits as well to regulate the overly active body system in a systematic manner.

Tourmaline Birthstone: (October)

  • Tourmaline Birthstone is a detoxifier and a cleanser for the nervous system, tissues and organs of body.
  • A person who wants to say goodbye to mental stress and depression then Tourmaline gemstone will be advantageous.
  • The birthstone of October month increases the flow of oxygen amount and mental awareness of the wearer.

Opal Birthstone: (October)

  • Opal birthstone is one of the best gemstone to increase the love and passion in your marital or love life.
  • Furthermore, to improve your social relations or for a stable and successful marriage you must wear Opal birthstone.
  • If we talk about the medical benefits of Opal birthstone then it is considered to maintain the secretions of hormones.
  • People who are involved in creative fields including dancing, painting, music and theatre etc should wear it.

Citrine Birthstone: (November)

  • Citrine birthstone recalls by Success stone because it brings prosperity and fulfills your dreams.
  • If you are working in these professional fields such as sports, media, casino, banking, finance or marketing then Citrine is all set to spill its charm.
  • Citrine birthstone stimulates happiness in your marital life as well as in professional life by promoting you.
  • This magical gemstone is worn by pregnant women to protect them from any mishap.

Topaz Birthstone: (November)

  • Topaz magnifies honesty, realization of your mistakes and a conscious mind to handle the situations.
  • Once you start wearing Topaz birthstone, you will feel more expressive in terms of solving your problems.
  • If a person is having eating disorder like bulimia or anorexia then Topaz will be advantageous for its wearer.

Tanzanite Birthstone: (December)

  • Tanzanite Birthstone promotes the Crown Chakra, Third eye Chakra and Throat chakra for the betterment.
  • It also helps in curing your prolonged illness as it has ample of healing properties.
  • To overcome your past mistakes or karma you can start wearing Tanzanite Birthstone for a better future rather than investing your mind in your past.

Turquoise Birthstone: (December)

  • The powerful Turquoise stone protects the wearer from any upcoming unfortunate and violence.
  • It is also believed that this birthstone is pure stone amongst others.
  • If you are in the profession of films, fashion, jewelry, education, law and clothing business then Turquoise birthstone will shower good omen on you.

Zircon Birthstone: (December)

  • People with urinary infection or other problems related to reproductive system must wear Zircon birthstone.
  • The wearer gets confidence and concentration to reach their goals of life.
  • Zircon Birthstone is favourable if you want to promote your social welfare and relationship.
  • Zircon gemstone is beneficial for these professions including singing, dance, acting and other artistic fields.