People are often found complaining regarding their gemstones not proving to be effective. The other person will come up with a number of excuses such as, maybe you are expecting results too soon, you should try another stone, you are not wearing it right, the stone doesn`t match with your planet, etc, etc. However, hardly you will find a person who will say, Are you sure that your stone is real? Therefore, even if you are doing everything right but your stone s quality is wrong, you should not be expecting a positive outcome too soon. 

So, before you invest your money and time in buying the right gemstone, spare some more time to check its authenticity as well. Here are few grounds on the basis of which you can find out a gemstone`s originality: -  

Colour Test

This is one of the key factors to check if a gemstone is real or not. When a real gemstone is exposed to light, it displays a full spectrum of colours a resembling rainbow. You cannot expect the same from a fake stone. However, do not rely on this single ground as at times deeply coloured stones also don`t pass this test.  

Gemstone Treatment

Usually, gemstone carries birthmark, whereas, an impeccable stone is most likely to be a fake one. You can always research on what treatment does a gemstone goes under, so that it looks wearable and at the same time doesn`t lose its originality. If you know the treatment clear then you can even ask the seller about the treatment of the stone because generally, treatment of gemstone doesn`t consist of anything more than cutting and polishing.  

Certified Gemstone

When you are ready to pay a hefty price for a gemstone then I am sure you will not have much of an issue to travel extra miles if you are 100% sure that the gemstone you are buying is completely authentic. Therefore, next time you buy a gemstone ask for the certificate as well. Trust me, every penny you will pay for this certificate will be worth it. Therefore, now the power lies in your hand too to check the credibility of the gemstone that you are buying.

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