Yellow Sapphire Stone Price?

Yellow sapphire stone is also known as the Pukhraj stone. This stone has extensive usage but the question arises how can you tell the yellow sapphire price? Yellow sapphire or Pukhraj gemstone is a yellow colored stone which is often associated with warmth and happiness in one’s life. However, one can get confused about how to determine a natural yellow sapphire stone price? There are generally four factors like cut, clarity, color, and carat, which determine the price of the stone. Each of these factors should be checked minutely and efficiently, by the buyer before investing in the stone.

Yellow sapphire stone price and Pukhraj stone price varies according to the factors mentioned above. Yellow sapphire gemstones are generally regarded as precious stones. Original yellow stone price can be varied according to the rarity and their weight. Yellow sapphire is regarded as one of the most valuable stones. The yellow sapphire rate can range from Rs. 2500 per carat to Rs. 40000 per carat, depending upon its quality. Color, clarity, shape, and carat can make the rate change for different stones. And for the common buyer, it may be difficult to determine the best stone to wear.


Pukhraj stone price cannot be determined without physical inspection. Pukhraj/yellow sapphire stone price is of course, available in the online sites, but most of them can misguide the buyer. Pricing yellow sapphire is considerably difficult for the buyers who do not have the basic understanding of the various factors which determine the price of these gemstones. The most important factors, which contribute to the pricing, are the cut, color, clarity and the carat. Apart from these four primary factors, the origin of the stone, luster, treatment applied, rarity, supply, and demand also play major roles in determining the pricing of the stone.

Yellow sapphire has many benefits on the mental and physical health wearer. This stone has so many astrological benefits and healing powers. No wonder this yellow colored gemstone is very popular to ward off the negative energies from life. The planet Jupiter is the ruling planet of the yellow sapphire gemstone. As Jupiter is held as the planet of positivity, the popularity of yellow sapphire is only increasing. This majestic yellow gemstone is supposed to capture the benevolent beams of Jupiter and use it to nurture the well-being of the wearer. The astrologer can suggest this powerful stone for people who have been facing the difficulties of life. The wearer can be freed from the stressful psyche and can have a healthy body after wearing this stone. This stone works wonderfully in the marriage prospects and maintaining family harmony, too.

Yellow sapphire, for its association with the Jupiter, is often held as the Guru Ratan. It is not an element of surprise that yellow sapphire price in India is usually steeper than other stones. Yellow sapphire price in India can be varied depending upon several factors as mentioned earlier. Generally, Pukhraj price in India ranges from Rs. 2500 per carat to Rs. 40,000 per carat.


Yellow sapphire stone is generally found in Sri Lanka (Ceylon Mine), Myanmar, Thailand, and Madagascar. Yellow sapphire price per carat can be increased when the stones are mined from these places. The stones from these mines have brilliant yellow color and much superior clarity compared to other stones.

Ceylon yellow sapphire price in India is ranged between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 30,000 per carat. Ceylon yellow sapphire gemstones are the first choice for astrological usage. Due to the superior color and clarity, Ceylon yellow sapphire cost per carat is much higher. The yellow sapphires mined from Thailand is lesser priced than the Ceylon yellow sapphires. Yellow sapphires or Pukhraj stones from Thailand are not less valuable though. Thailand’s yellow sapphire price in India is higher as they have more brilliant hue resulting from the perfect heat treatment. On the other hand, Bangkok’s yellow sapphire prices are comparatively low, as the used treatment makes them less desirable for astrological usage. The other cause of Bangkok’s stones less popularity is the fact, they are not rare. Rarity plays a major role in determining a stone’s price.



Yellow sapphire can have a broad spectrum of yellow hue, right from the plain yellow to the deep yellow. In a general sense, it can be safely said that Pukhraj cost is largely dependent on the brightness and the purity of the yellow hue of the stone. In the stones, the hues of orange, gold or green can reduce yellow sapphire cost per carat. For astrological usage, the yellow sapphire with bright lemon yellow hue is regarded the most relevant.



Yellow sapphire has lesser inclusion in it with a comparison to other gemstones. As the yellow sapphire is one among the Type 2 clarity precious gemstones, it is more likely to have inclusions in forms which resemble fingerprint or feather. The inclusions play a major role in determining the value of the yellow sapphire gemstone. Much like other gemstones, the presence of prominent inclusions can lower the yellow sapphire rate. When it comes to judging the stone with respect to the inclusions, it is often seen that the yellow sapphire price in India is ranged from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1 lacs approx. This price stretch depends, according to the experienced gemstone experts, on the transparency along with the visibility of the inclusions.



Yellow sapphire gemstones are famous for their beautiful yet subtle luster. The best way to determine the luster of the stone is to hold it under the light so that the yellow sapphire gleams. The Pukhraj rate in the gemstone market can be decreased if the stone appears less gleaming. The dullness on the stone does not serve its purpose as jewelry. Even in astrological usage, the luster is considered to be important.


Carat weight

Yellow sapphires and other precious gemstones are generally sold by a special weight measurement known as carat or ratti. The precious gemstones have lesser availability in bigger sizes and quality yellow sapphire is not an exception to this. Pukhraj price per carat can be increased with its size and weight. Big, rare and inclusion free yellow sapphire price per carat is much more than the regular yellow sapphires. Gemstone sellers use ratti to express the Pukhraj stone price in India. It should be remembered that Pukhraj stone price per ratti is lesser than the same weight in carat. Pukhraj stone price per carat is higher as 1 carat is equal to .9 ratti.


Yellow sapphire is generally regarded well-cut when it seems symmetrical and the polishing is smooth. More often, the polishers refrain from creating the Princess cut yellow sapphire, Rectangular yellow sapphire; square yellow sapphire or Trillion cut yellow sapphire as these can accentuate the carat wastage. However, these cuts are highly coveted and require more time and precise attention hence the Pukhraj stone price can increase if the stone has one of these cuts. Yellow sapphires, which are sold at a more economical price, do not have any distinct shape other than the cabochons. Cabochons are referred to those stones which are only polished but do not have any distinct cut or shape. These are sold at a much lesser price. Other than the cabochons, normally the Pukhraj is shaped in round or oval shape. The oval and round shaped stones are used for astrological purposes as these two shapes are easier to fit into a ring or in a bracelet or pendant.



Valuable yellow sapphire is the one which has not been through any treatment. Original yellow sapphire is considered to be the most efficient for astrological usage. Natural pukhraj stone, therefore, is much more valuable than the one which has been gone through extensive treatment. The treatment referred here generally refers to heat treatment and diffusion treatment. It is often seen that ordinary stones have been put under frequent and extensive treatment to enhance their luster and color. Then those stones are sold at prices much more than their original value.


Pukhraj stone prices can be altered and changed according to the demand and supply factors. Availability plays a much larger role in determining the Pukhraj stone price. In the countries where these stones are mined, Pukhraj stone price is expected to be lower than those countries which are dependent upon others. When it comes to mining yellow sapphire, Sri Lanka is a leader in the world. On the other hand, prices of yellow sapphire in UAE or Dubai or Pakistan are much higher than that of Sri Lanka. Yellow sapphire price can be different even in the two cities of the same country. Kolkata and Jaipur are two major hubs of the gemstone market and therefore, yellow sapphire price in these two cities is expected to be lower than other parts of India. For these factors, yellow sapphire/pukhraj online is a more convenient way to shop. Novice buyers may not comprehend the network of extensive factors which determine the pricing. There are chances that buying from local shops can cause loss. However, the buyer has to be learned about the factors, which play the major roles upon which the price depends, may it be for online shopping or offline shopping. It should be remembered that only pure stone can be beneficial to the wearer.