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Facts about Tourmaline

The wide range of colored Tourmaline serves as a birthstone for those born in October and has been fancied by every jewelry enthusiast for making amulets, pendants and rings due to its beautiful vibrant colors.

What are the properties of Tourmaline?

Color: White, Colorless, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Pink, Purple, Gray, Black, Multicolored

Hardness: 7- 7.5(in Mohs scale)

Nature of solid: Hexagonal crystal

Refractive index: 1.61 to 1.65

Birefringence: 0.018

Specific gravity: 2.9 to 3.3

What is the most desirable color of Tourmaline?

Tourmaline comes in a rainbow of colors – red, blue, green, pink, gray and multicolored. The neon-blue tourmaline is rare and thus of high value. The most amusing feature of Tourmaline is that it displays pleochroism. The most unique one is the multicolored Tourmaline for its unparalleled beauty of color.

What is the price of Tourmaline?

The price of Tourmaline (Turmali) in India ranges between 100 INR to 3500 INR per carat (approx), which can be influenced by the quality, size, cut, clarity, weight and most importantly color. The rare neon-blue tourmaline renders a very high value. Similarly, the multicolored one also is priced high due to its uniqueness and wonderful color. The most common is the black tourmaline and thus, it renders a low price in the market. Sometimes the gemstone is treated to intensify the color of Tourmaline. However, the treated tourmaline can be sold at a lower rate than a natural one. 

What are the benefits of Tourmaline?

Apart from the beauty, Tourmaline offers a range of astrological benefits to the one adorning it.

  • The subtle energies of Tourmaline stimulate the chakras of the body, allowing detoxification of the body.

  • If you are planning to lose some inches, Tourmaline can help you to lose some fat.

  • The healing power of this gemstone can regulate diseases of liver and kidney and also ensures elimination of toxic elements like fatty acids, lactic acids etc. from the body.

  • Tourmaline plays a role in enhancing the physical strength. This has been tested on athletics and proved.

  • The energies of Tourmaline aids sexual diseases and performance. It helps to cure lack of sexual interest and power. It has been observed that tourmaline can be adorned to boost vitality and vigor in both men and women.

The far infrared can be utilized by tourmaline in order to affect our body in all the positive ways. No wonder it is loved by jewelry enthusiast. In fact, it is due to these energies that tourmaline is kept in offices to keep away toxicity.