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Yellow Sapphire Stone

Yellow Sapphire Stone
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Yellow Sapphire Stone Online

The yellow sapphire stone or ‘Pukhraj Stone,’ as it is popularly known in India, is a gemstone that attracts a lot of people. This is because as per vedic astrology, yellow sapphire gemstone is widely recognized for its benefits. Its benefits include marital bliss, good health, success at the workplace, wealth, and enhanced will power. Even aesthetically, it is desirable because of its beautiful yellow colour.

How To Buy Yellow Sapphire Stone

The following are some important points to keep in mind when buying the yellow sapphire gemstone:

The Sri-Lankan (Ceylon) yellow sapphire gemstone is the most popular and its quality is the best because of its colour consistency and clarity.

The colour that is most desirable astrologically and aesthetically when it comes to the yellow sapphire stone is bright yellow and that is found in Sri-Lanka mostly.

As compared to other gemstones, it has fewer inclusions. When inclusions are there, they look like fingerprints or feathers. Inclusions lower the cost when you go to buy yellow sapphire stone.

Shaping and cutting the yellow sapphire helps it look prettier but has no relevance to astrology. Astrologically you should buy the yellow sapphire gemstone with the least inclusions, should be bright yellow in colour and should not be treated at all.

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

When you buy pukhraj stone, it is always a task that needs a bit of knowledge to avoid the fake ones and buy a genuine certified gemstone that can provide the best results for you.


Yellow Sapphire stone (Pukhraj gemstone) is a yellow gemstone belonging to the corundum family. Pukhraj gemstone is a twin of the dazzling red ruby and blue sapphire. A Sapphire is available in blue, orange and yellow colour. When we say about the pukhraj stone, it denotes the yellow Sapphire. Just like every other colour of a gemstone, Pukhraj gemstone is also available in different shades of yellow such as pale to canary yellow, gold, honey and brownish yellow. However, a pukhraj having beautiful golden yellow colour is most desirable.


There may be inclusions in pukhraj stone. Any visible inclusion is it a black spot or a transparent one is considered inauspicious for the wearer. A clear transparent pukhraj stone or yellow sapphire stone, free of any inclusion, is ideal for the wearer and is considered to be of premium quality.


While buying a yellow sapphire gemstone, the origin of the gemstone is a matter of concern for many. The main source of pukhraj gemstone or yellow sapphire stone is ceylon mines in Sri Lanka and the yellow sapphire extracted from those mines are called Sri Lankan or ceylon sapphire. Due to the high demand of these species of yellow sapphire, there has been a hike of price making it quite an expensive choice for yellow sapphire or pukhraj gemstone. To talk about the most affordable choice of pukhraj, Bankok yellow sapphire can be put forward. These are extracted from thai origin and provides a better colour tone in the affordable range.


The weight of a yellow sapphire gemstone is measured in carats or ratti (only in India). After an analysis of the birth chart, an astrologer suggests a gemstone and also the weight of the gemstone that is needed for being embedded in a ring or pendant. Wearing a pukhraj gemstone with a stronger influence than stated would not provide the other beneficial effect.


A gemstone is shaped into the desired size and form for making a yellow sapphire ring or pendant. In the case of pukhraj gemstone, the oval or cushion shape is most popular and desirable. However, it can be shaped of pukhraj that will be modulated according to the wish of the wearer but any faceted-out shape requiring a waste of gemstone while cutting will bear a bit more price than the regular ones.


The quality of the yellow sapphire stone depends on all the above factors. A premium pukhraj stone is a transparent golden yellow gemstone, free of inclusion, through which light can pass easily. The other two factors that determine the quality of pukhraj stone is nature ad lustre of the yellow sapphire. Just like every gemstone, both the natural and synthetic species of pukhraj is available in the market. The natural one is considered as a superior quality gemstone. The lustre is another factor that should be a characteristic of a genuine pukhraj stone Online. A pukhraj gemstone having no lustre or which is dull is considered to be of inferior quality.


The synthetic species of yellow sapphire gemstones may undergo specific treatments while processing into the final product. It may undergo heat or cold treatment or certain chemical treatment. However, the untreated ones are the most desirable for any wearer.


The price of yellow sapphire stones always depends on the colour, clarity, origin, lustre and nature of the yellow sapphire. You will get a standard gem-quality on pukhraj stone online and it is of transparent golden yellow colour shaped in oval or cushion. A Yellow Sapphire gemstones having inclusion black or transparent, knots or cracks is the most undesirable one and hence are low priced. The Sri Lankan Ceylon yellow sapphire is very expensive due to their premium quality and origin. While bangkok yellow sapphire is the best choice to receive a premium quality at affordable price. The price per carat of the yellow sapphire stone ranges from ₨ 450 per carat to ₨ 5000 per carat. However, the yellow sapphire price ₨ 2000 per carat is considered as the standard price for a gem-quality pukhraj stone.

Mode of Purchase

In the age of digitalization, it is no wonder that most people are shifting their choice from buying offline to online. Earlier, one would only buy yellow sapphire from their trusted jeweller only but now with the advancement of technology, the purchase of gemstone online has become a safe and believable affair. One can buy a genuine pukhraj gemstone online without much hassle. It has become easier to compare the colour and price of gemstones online. Every certified gemstone is accompanied with a gradient report given every detail like colour, weight, origin, nature, treatment, the price per carat etc.

Yellow sapphire gemstone are the stones which are considered to be a lucky stone for every individual. Due to the absence of side effects and availability at an affordable price, the yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone has attained immense popularity among the believers of astrology. Pukhraj gemstone is considered to be the most benevolent gemstone in the world of astrology.

Advantages of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)?

A yellow sapphire stone (Pukhraj gemstone) is generally worn after the analysis of the position of Jupiter/Guru in the birth chart. The most amusing factor of pukhraj stone is that it has no side effects and thus anyone can wear it. However, wearing a pukhraj stone is beneficial to those having weak Jupiter.

Educational benefits by increasing concentration and focus

Since a weak jupiter can be a cause of lack of concentration and focus in life, especially in education, it can be fought back by adorning a pukhraj stone. A yellow sapphire benefits include better concentration and consequently a better result in the educational field.

Marital bliss and boost to love life

A love life stress can appear anytime either be it due to weak jupiter or fate. Adorning a yellow sapphire stone enhances prosperity in a love relationship. An auspicious pukhraj gemstone can be adorned to ensure a long, happy and prosperous marital life in the long run.

Enhance Ambition

Adorning a yellow sapphire gemstone boosts the ambitious feelings in the wearer. Even pukhraj gemstone is considered a lucky stone for an ambitious person.

Aid to Professional life

In whichever professional life you may be in, be it the teacher, banker, or businessman, adorning the powerful pukhraj can always be a positive boost in times of professional crisis. To get positive boost in professional crisis, you should buy yellow sapphire from online store.

Overall Wellbeing

Since Jupiter/ Brihaspati (as in Hindu Astrology) guides a lot of aspects in your life, pukhraj gemstone can help you improve in all the aspects to achieve the ultimate prosperity in life.

Beneficial effects on would be mother

If you are seeking progeny, Pukhraj gemstone or the yellow sapphire stone is the right choice of gemstone for you to fulfil your wishes.

Balance the Chakras of the body

The yellow sapphire or the pukhraj gemstone connects to the visudha chakra of the body which is responsible for balancing our life. Adorning a pukhraj stone will result in improvement of communication and expression. It is also believed to enhance creativity.

Financial Wellness

Since a weak jupiter possesses a threat to financial stability, one in the financial crisis should absolutely adorn a pukhraj stone to retain financial stability in life. If you have weak jupiter position in your Kundali then you can buy gems from Dhanshree Gems.